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What parents say

‘Our son joined Westward House School in the middle of the summer term last year. For some time, his literacy  has been causing us considerable concern, and we had engaged in a private consultation that  diagnosed Dyslexia. His enjoyment of school had been seriously impacted upon by his decline  in confidence and lack of response to his challenges that left him in a fragile condition,  especially given the impact covid has had on learning in general.

We chose the school because of the nature of its educational approach and the level of  support and learning experiences that were offered; we have not been disappointed in our  choice. In the time X has spent there his literacy and numeracy skills have considerably  improved and continue to do so. The unique learning approached used at the school have  also had a very positive impact on his attitude to school, and on his interest in learning. He is  now happy and enthusiastic child, always ready to tell us about what he has learned or done  and very proud to show off his latest piece of work. His confidence in his ability to make  progress has grown and we are delighted with his improvement. 

The nurturing and pupil centred approach adopted at Westward House, alongside the  willingness of the staff to embrace carefully researched and developed learning styles as  required by the individual party is exactly what our son has needed and is driving him  towards further success.’

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