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Admissions & Enrolment

Enrolment Process

At Westward House School we fully appreciate that a flexible approach is required both in our teaching but also in our admissions process. We understand that sometimes events make it necessary to join mid-term. Generally, we would expect interested parents to have an informal chat on the phone with the School Director.


During this conversation, we would hope to establish
whether Westward House School might be the right environment for your child and whether a meeting should be organised where families can view the school and meet the staff.


We may require reports from previous schools at this point and would then hope to set up some taster days when school and pupil alike can assess whether the setting is appropriate.

A taster period may be a few days or several weeks. We would discuss this with you during the initial meeting stage.

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Fee Structure

We operate for five days per week for three, twelve week terms. Cost per term £4,000. This will give access to a full curriculum, including Outdoor School sessions, Cookery, specialist programmes of study, access to GCSE and A'level tutors where appropriate and full supervision and teaching throughout the school day.

Please note, for more specialist programmes there may be additional fees and all external exams incur an additional fee.


We recognise that for some pupils accessing school for five days a week can be a step too far. We are happy to discuss a flexible timetable for pupils. 


We do not offer school lunches and encourage healthy options in packed lunches. There are facilities for warming food if required. 


There is no uniform, but a school t-shirt and hoodie are available to purchase from our office.

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